Reverse Osmosis
Water Filtration

Reverse osmosis (RO) and under sink water filtration systems provide on-demand clean, pure, and drinking water.

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Enjoy Cleaner And Better Tasting Water With Every Cup 😋

Enjoy an on-demand clean and unlimited drinking water supply with Aqualite's reverse osmosis system. With easy installation and spacing-saving design, our systems target a wide range of contaminants.

Why Every Home Should Have
A Reverse Osmosis System

Easy Installation & Space Saving Design

Simple to install under any sink your home, a reverse osmosis system's space saving design takes up little room in any cabinet.

On-Demand Clean Drinking Water

Get filtered drinking water right from the tap. Making an eco-friendly impact by reducing your homes plastic bottle waste.

Get The Best Quality Drinking Water

Reverse osmosis system can reduce more ultra-fine water contaminants than your average refillable water filter pitchers.

5 Stages of Filtration For The Purest Drinking Water

Sediment Filter

Used in stage 1, this synthetic polypropylene water filter for the removal of sand, silt, dirt, and rust particles.

Block Carbon Filter

Used in stage 2, this solid carbon media filter for the removal of chlorine, odors, suspended particles from drinking water such as; sand, salt, dirt, and rust.

Polishing Filter

Used in stages 3, this coconut carbon filter removes residual chlorine and odors polishing the water for the purest taste.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Used in stage 4, is the key to RO process removing up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and many other chemicals and common water contaminants.

Alkaline pH Inducing Filter

Used in stage 5, this alkaline filter containing alkaline beads increases the pH value to improve the taste of drinking water.

Find Out What's In
Your Drinking Water

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How Do Reverse Osmosis Systems
Compare To Whole-Home Filtration?

Reverse Omosis Water Filtration

Address water quality issues related to drinking water.

Reduce water contaminants at point-of-use.

Ultra-fine multi-stage filtration for the purest water.

Installs for usage at single location, under kitchen sink.

Whole-Home Water Filtration

Address water quality issues throughout the entire home.

Reduce water contaminants at point-of-entry.

Clean water from every tap and faucet in the home.

Better water quality for bathing and showering.

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