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If you get your water supply from a private well, no one will monitor its water quality but you. Testing your well water regularly is essential, and Aqualite's water experts can help you identify potential water problems and how to solve them.

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Aqualite's comprehensive in-home water quality testing gives you a complete understanding of your well water's health. We identify potential health risks, water problems, and possible water treatment solutions so your home will be protected by the cleanest, healthiest water ever.

In-Home Water Quality Testing

We’ll sample your tap water and test it right in your kitchen.

Identify Potential Health Risks

Identify possible contaminants such as lead, radon, arsenic and bacteria.

Quick, Easy & Painless Process

Results can vary, but the average test takes 10 minutes or less.

Recommendations & Solutions

Review the results and receive recommendations to address your home water quality problems.

Why Water Quality Matters

How Your Home's Water Quality Can Affect The Health And Well-Being Of Your Family.

Americans use water daily to bathe, wash clothes and dishes, prepare food and cook. With the average adult drinking 1 to 2 liters of water a day, there are numerous ways in which we can consume unsafe water. Discover why common water contaminants can interfere with you and your family's health and what steps you can take to improve your home's water quality.

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Common Contaminants In Well Water

We often worry about the safety and quality of the well water in our homes. Understanding the most common contaminants and water problems in wells can help keep you and your family safe. Testing your water supply will help you identify if you have any of these common contaminants in your well.

Hard Water

Water with high amounts of calcium and magnesium. Signs of hard water may include mineral stains, spots on glasses and silverware from the dishwasher, and decreased water pressure.


(PFOAs & PFOSs) consist of many chemicals used in industrial and consumer products for heat and fluid resistance since the 1950s. Learn more about PFAS.


Inadequately treated water may contain coliform bacteria, legionella, giardia, and enteric viruses. The WQA recommends the use of UV water treatment systems.

Water Contamination With Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as lead, copper, iron, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury may be present in well water supplies. Consumption of heavy metals in drinking water are linked to many serious health concerns.


This mineral found in rocks and soil gives water a brownish discoloration, resulting in unpleasant odors, bitter taste, and brown water stains.


This contaminant is naturally occurring within the ground and an industrial byproduct of coal burning. Arsenic can enter groundwater from existing deposits and pollution.

Hydrogen Sulfide

When hydrogen sulfide is present, water smells like rotten eggs or sulfur. This colorless gas is extremely corrosive to metal pipes, turning them black and eventually causing leaks.

Acidic Water

Water with pH levels of less than 7. For water, pH levels indicate how acidic it may be (alkaline levels). A primary concern of acidic water is high levels of heavy metals.

Concerned About PFAS in Water?
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Learn about the growing PFAS drinking water crisis in the United States and how you can remediate PFAS chemicals from your home's water.

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