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Aqualite's water test kits powered by SimpleLabs combine world-class independent certified laboratories and advanced water testing with customer service and fast results.

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How Our Water Test Kits Work

Aqualite Home Water Test Kit Process Step 1 Taking Self Sample

1. Collect Sample

Aqualite will ship you everything you need to test your drinking water, including a guide on how to collect your sample.

Aqualite Home Water Test Kit Process Step 2 Shipping To Water Testing Lab

2. Ship Sample To Lab

Send your directly to the lab for rigorous, certified, independent testing. The shipping’s on us!

Aqualite Home Water Test Kit Process Step 3 Evaluating Water Quality Report

3. Get Your Results

After the lab analyzes your sample, Aqualite will send you a full report on what's in your water and review your results with you.

Aqualite Home Water Test Kit Process Step 4 Recommendations

4. Get Treatment Recommendation

Our water quality specialists will give you a custom water treatment plan based on the test results to solve your water quality problems.

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Check Your Water For Multiple Contaminants With Just One Test

Testing your water should be easy. With our at-home self-administered water test kits for city water or well water, testing for multiple contaminants is simple, quick, and provides detailed results.

Water Testing For Every Need

100% MONEY BACK REBATE PROGRAM. Buy a water test kit, and if at any point in the future you purchase an Aqualite water treatment system, then we will take the full cost of the test kit off your purchase.

Receive Detailed Water Quality Reporting Results To Your Online Dashboard

You shouldn't need a chemistry degree to understand your water results. We have made our water testing reports simple and easy to understand.

For every water test kit, you'll receive an online dashboard to view your water quality results. The simple and easy to navigate dashboard will compare your results to Federal Regulatory Limits (MCL), Federal Health Based Recommendations (MCLG), and SimpleLab's research backed recommendations (SL).

Aqualite US Self Water Test Kit Report Dashboard Powered By SimpleLabs MyTapScore

SimpleLab (™) is an environmental testing company with designated services for commercial, industrial and residential analytical testing. SimpleLab is North America's largest independent network of accredited enviromental testing laboratories.