Residential PFAS Water Testing & Remediation

PFAS water contamination effects homeowners with both private well and utility provided water. If you think you may have PFAS in your water, we have the right test to help you make the right water treatment decision for your family.

Solving For The PFAS Drinking Water Crisis

Aqualite is passionate about remediating the PFAS water issues, and we're here to help. We offer private well and city PFAS testing through a certified and independent 3rd party lab.

PFAS Residential Water Testing

Independent laboratory testing is necessary to confirm if well water and drinking water is contaminated with PFAS. Aqualite provides PFAS testing solutions for homeowners.

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PFAS Laboratory Testing

Following industry best practices for PFAS sampling and testing.

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Education On PFAS And Associated Health Risks

Inform homeowners of the impacts of PFAS on health and options for removing from drinking water.

PFAS Water Treatment Systems

Aqualite offers permanent water treatment solutions to remediate PFAS and your family's exposure to its harmful health effects.

PFAS Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Whole home water filtration systems that feature multiple stages of filtration including granular activated carbon (GAC) can reduce PFAS and other common water contaminats.

PFAS Reverse Osmosis (RO) "Point-of-Use" Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, also known as “point-of-use,” are affordable drinking water filtration systems capable of remediating PFAS chemicals and providing clean drinking water on demand.

New England's Battle With PFAS Water Pollution

According to the Department of Environmental Services, almost half New Hampshire residents get water from a private well. As of early 2022, 39% of wells in NH tested by the department exceed one or more of the limits for PFAS chemicals.

In Massachusetts, Private wells provide drinking water to more than 500,000 Massachusetts residents. A new analysis of Massachusetts public water systems by the Sierra Club finds that 70% of communities have detectable levels of the six most dangerous PFAS chemicals in their ground and surface waters.

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What Is PFAS?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large class of approximately 4,700 manmade chemicals widely used for their oil, water repellency, and temperature resistance.

PFAS chemicals are used in the manufacturing of products in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, consumer goods, textiles, and military production. PFAS often referred to as “Forever Chemicals” because their molecular structure prevents typical chemical degradation.

Common Sources of PFAS Chemicals

Download Our Guide On The PFAS Pollution Crisis

The PFAS water pollution crisis is a complex issue of public health and environmental issues. To provide better insight into how PFAS is affecting homeowners and families all over the nation. Aqualite's water quality experts have to put together a comprehensive guide referencing the growing concern of PFAS water contamination in the North East. Click below to our PFAS guide download now.

Download The PFAS Guide

Common Health Effects of PFAS

PFAS Water Contamination Health Effect of Heart Conditions And Risk Issues

Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels

Learn more by reading a National Library of Medicine publication on PFAS effects of hypertension and elevated blood pressure.

PFAS Water Contamination Health Effect of Thyroid Disease

Increased Risk of Thyroid Disease

Learn more by reading a National Library of Medicine publication on adverse thyroid effects of common PFAS chemicals.

PFAS Water Contamination Health Effect of Cancer

Increased Risk of Cancers (Kidney, Reproductive)

Learn more by reading National Cancer Institute's study on PFAS exposure and risk of cancer.

PFAS Water Contamination Health Effect of Lowered Immune System Response

Decreased Immune Response To Combat Infectious Diseases

Learn more by reading a Peer Reviewed publication on PFAS, COVID-19, and the chemical's effects on immune response.

Concerned About PFAS in Water?
Read Our Comprehensive Blog

Learn about the growing PFAS drinking water crisis in the United States and how you can remediate PFAS chemicals from your home's water.

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