Water Filtration For Every Home

Bring clean and pure water to your whole home and family. Discover how Aqualite’s Puronics® water treatment systems can reduce common water quality problems.

Puronics Whole-Home Water
Softener Systems

Whole-house clean water solutions to address water quality problems from city and municipal water to rural, well water, and problem water sources.

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Puronics Under Sink Reverse
Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) and under sink water filtration systems provide clean, pure, and on-demand drinking water.

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Commercial Water Quality Solutions For Any Business

Aqualite offers a wide range of products to meet any commercial water treatment needs across various industries. We understand commercial businesses' unique water treatment needs and offer water filtration systems specifically engineered for use in any commercial setting.

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Want To Stop Water Damage Before It Ever Happens?

Protect Your Home With Aqualite's Advanced Leak Detection System

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Complete In-Home Water Testing

Let us test your water and design the perfect solution for your needs.

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