For Only $9.99 Per Month Your Family Can Enjoy Safe, Clean, Purified Water

Try Aqualite's premium water softener, reverse osmosis, or whole-home water filters for a three-month trial before you buy.*

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Water Treatment Systems For Every Need

Whole-Home Water
Softener Systems

Whole-house softener systems address all water quality issues caused by hard water.

Under Sink Reverse
Osmosis Systems

Point-of-use drinking water filtration systems provide the purest water possible for drinking.

Whole-Home Water
Filtration Systems

Whole-house filtration systems address all water quality issues caused by problem water.

Our In-Home Water Quality Consultation Process

Fill out our form today, and an Aqualite US water quality expert will be in touch to schedule your in-home consultation appointment.

1. Our Experts Conduct An In-Home Water Test

After scheduling an appointment one of our water quality experts will conduct an in-home water test.

2. We Review Your Home Water Test Results

During the appointment our technician will provide the immediate test results, and discuss what they indicate about your home's water quality.

3. We Provide A Custom Water Treatment Recommendation

Based on the water test results our expert will provide a custom and affordable recommendation to improve your home's water quality.

4. Try Out The Water Quality System Before Purchasing

If you decide to proceed, you can try out the recommended solution for 3 months at $9.99 per month before deciding to purchase.*

*Only Serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island

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*After the 3-month $9.99/month trial, affordable purchase or financing options are available.

Top Benefits of Improved Water Quality

Always Enjoy Clean & Pure Drinking Water

From every faucet enjoy clean and pure drinking water with whole-home water purification.

Reduce, Save On Soaps & Detergents

With softer, mineral free water the cleaning power of your soap increases, reducing excessive use.

Have Healthier, Smoother, Softer Skin & Hair

Eliminating heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride from your water can improve the overall health of your skin and hair.

Reduce Potential Plumbing Problems

With water filtration you can reduce the minerals and heavy metals that could damage plumbing.

Reduce Water Rust & Limescale Buildup

Water purification can reduce water rust, mineral, and limescale buildup in sinks, showers, etc.

Increase Appliance Longevity

Whole-home water filtration can prevent water minerals and heavy metals from damaging appliances.

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Aqualite US is a family-owned business and operated by the Mesquita family. We are proud to provide quality, dependable water filtration, and water purification services. Our team of technicians and installers are knowledgeable, friendly and are here to provide the best solutions for you.