Aqualite US PhynPlus Leak Detection Provided By Belkin

Smart Leak Detection
For 24/7 Home Protection

Aqualite's PhynPlus leak detection system provides 24/7 whole home protection against leaks and expensive water damage.

Your Home Deserves
A Leak Detection System

Buying a home is an investment. Don’t gamble with your home; protect your investment.

Your home is a complex network of essential indoor environmental systems such as water supply to air heating and cooling. But, when these systems break down, it often results in costly repairs and damage to your property. Take preventative measures to prevent sudden and accidental water damage by installing a leak detection system.

The Costs of Not Preventing Water Damage

With out leak prevention you may have to foot the bill of costly water damage to your home.


Home insurance claims related to water damage.


Average repair cost for home water leak damage.

$20 Billion

United States national cost of water home and property damage annually.


People per day effected by water damage emergencies.


Gallons of water per year wasted by home water leaks.

Intelligent Leak Detect With Percision Measurements

Aqualite’s intelligent leak detection system powered by PhynPlus is the only connected water monitor to offer an ultrasonic flow sensor.

Exclusively built by Badger Meter, with no moving parts, our leak detection system is durable and built to provide long-lasting accuracy and protection. With 240 percise pressure measurements per second, the PhynPlus can undertstand the unique voice of each water fixture in your home. Allowing the Phyn to recognize subtle differences between a running bath and a burst pipe.

Easy To Install For Whole Home Protection

With just one Aqualite US Leak Detection System powered by PhynPlus, you can monitor your home’s network of plumbing, fixtures, faucets, and water-consuming appliances. Unlike competitor leak detection systems, you do not need additional monitors throughout the house.

Aqualite US PhynPlus Leak Detection Home Diagram

PhynPlus Works Best With:

Access to the main water supply line 1 1/4” or smaller.

Wifi connection at the location of installation.

Power outlet within 12 feet of installation location.

Homes that are plumbed individually and have a pressure reducing valve.

Leak Detection For The Connected Home And Family

With smart home connectivity Phyn delivers critical alerts and water usage insights to your phone. With real-time notifications, you can stop all types of leaks before they become expensive problems. Stop water damage from happening before it starts: leaks, frozen, or burst pipes are a thing of the past with the PhynPlus.

Whole home water leak detection and notifications.

Auto shutoff when leak is detected with remote overide.

Pre-freeze warnings and plumbing freeze detection.

Water consumption and energy usage intelligent insights.

Aqualite US PhynPlus Leak Detection App Preview Powered By Belkin

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