Why Does The Comet NEOWISE Have Two Tails?

For the first time in many years, there’s currently a comet visible to the eye in Earth’s night sky: Comet NEOWISE.

Aqualite USJul 16, 2020

We recently had a clear night and a prime opportunity to see the Comet NEOWISE. It took a few moments to sight it in the sky but finally our binoculars focused in and there it was! I had been skeptical about seeing a comet with two tails but sure enough the sky and air were clear enough to view the incredible plumage. It was a great positive moment to reflect on the universe and reminder about how important clean clear air is both outdoors and indoors. Find out more about the dust and ion tails here and check out our clean and healthy air purification products along with our water treatment products.

NEOWISE Comet Trail - photo by - NASA
NEOWISE Comet Burst - photo by - NASA

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