Great New Hampshire Restaurants Partners With Aqualite US To Bring Customers Back To Indoor Dining

With Aqualite US and ActivePure air purifiers, Cactus Jacks, T-Bones, and The Copper Door restore peace of mind in the indoor dining experience during COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, restaurants have been hard hit with closures and constantly changing state COVID protection guidelines. From the initial take-out only measures to outdoor dining and eventually indoor service, restaurant owners continue to pivot their operational strategies. When colder weather approached, restaurants everywhere looked for creative solutions to protect staff and customers as dining moved indoors.

"With the outdoor dining season coming to a close and some guests still concerned about indoor dining, we wanted to provide an abundance of precautionary measures to ensure the safest environment for our many loyal guests," said Tom Boucher, CEO of Great NH Restaurants.

This popular restaurant group with locations throughout New Hampshire was able to reopen successfully with dozens of additional safety protocols in place. Along with this comprehensive safety protocol plan, Boucher wanted additional protective measures to protect his customers, staff, and their families.

Boucher decided to commission Saint Anselm College Survey Center to conduct a poll to give an accurate idea of consumer attitudes about dining during the COVID pandemic; to ensure that practices and precautions were aligned with consumers' expectations for safe and comfortable dining experiences.

These results motivated the company to seek out air purification systems that could provide additional protection. After considerable research and working closely with our knowledgeable air product team, Great NH Restaurants overwhelmingly chose Aqualite's revolutionary air purifiers installing systems in every location, including their administrative offices.

Boucher felt strongly that the solution to safe indoor dining was pairing our Aqualite advanced air purification systems together with heightened PPE safety measures. For Boucher, the combination of Aqualite's multi-stage filtration technologies along with our comprehensive customer experience made the decision simple.

For Boucher's restaurants, our real-time protection against airborne and surface viral particles greatly reassured his customers and staff.  "Our primary goal at Great NH Restaurants has always been to deliver a great dining experience and excellent value to our customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has added an unexpected element to how we operate, but by continually listening and adjusting, we are determined to provide our customers the safest dining experience possible," stated Boucher.

Boucher and his staff were impressed by Aqualite's air solutions and the effectiveness in driving customers back into the restaurants for a safe night out. Aqualite's mission is to help restore trust in the safety of spaces vital to our communities by providing clean air solutions. From initial contact, customization, delivery, and service, our team is dedicated to supporting each of our clients.

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About Great NH Restaurants:
Great NH Restaurants, Inc. was created in 2008 as the marketing and management company solely dedicated to T-BONES, CJ's, Cactus Jack's, Copper Door Restaurant, and T-BONES Meats, Sweets & Catering.  Its role is to provide each restaurant with the functions and efficiencies of a 'chain' while allowing each location to maintain itself as a locally owned, independent restaurant, keeping the core values of serving quality, fresh, appealing products by a staff that feels more like family than an employee.

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