Good Things in the Air at Aqualite

Aqualite's commitment to wellness solutions for pure air and water keeps schools, businesses, nursing homes and other community spaces safe & healthy.

The Lowell SunSep 6, 2020

The Lowell Sun recently toured our Aqualite Corporate office in Tyngsboro to chat with our Aqualite team including COO Toly Chea, Sales Director Bridget Bell and Marketing Director Beth Hildreth.  

Read on and find out how Aqualite’s commitment to wellness is helping schools reopen, ensures nursing homes and other congregate living spaces are safe, and reduces sick time in schools and offices.


That’s what the Aqualite company in Tyngsboro is all about, and what its water and air filtration systems business is about.

Over the company’s history, its commitment to wellness has seen two of its products inducted into NASA’s Hall of Fame and put in use on the space station.

“We’re in the business of keeping people healthy,” CEO Rielis Mesquita says emphatically. He came to the U.S. from Brazil 30 years ago and worked as a chef for a time. He became concerned that the pots and pans cooks here were using were loaded with chemicals and plastics and became an advocate for stainless steel.

Rielis Mesquite, CEO (Aqualite US) - photo by - Julia Malakie (Lowell Sun)

Mesquita, who lives in Dracut now, lost two of his brothers in Brazil to viruses that were present in the water supply. Twenty-nine years ago that led him to found Aqualite water purification systems and services. The company started in 1991 as a counter-top, under-the-sink, and shower-filtration product company in the greater Boston area. It grew from there.

Aqualite US, based in Tyngsboro, makes air purification systems, including the tabletop Guardian Angel, and the larger wall-mounted Beyond Guardian Air.

More recently, Aqualite has ventured into air-quality issues. Before COVID-19 grabbed the public’s imagination, Aqualite had two products on the market — Guardian Angel and Beyond Guardian. Since the beginning of the year, demand has taken off.

Six of the air filtration devices purify the air at Aqualite’s headquarters on Progress Avenue.

Aqualite US Leadership Team presenting to the Lowell Sun staff - photo by - Tyler Corriveau (Aqualite US)

Right now, Aqualite is focused on helping schools reopen, making nursing homes and other congregate living spaces safe, and reducing sick time in schools and offices.

“These systems are already in offices and schools,” Sales Director Bridget Bell said. They have measured the decline in sick time year-over-year, according to Bell.

Beyond Guardian continuously cleans the air and high-touch surfaces in spaces up to 2,000 square feet. Its proprietary ActivePure® technology pushes oxidizers — hydrogen peroxide is the most familiar of the oxidizers — through the indoor environment. The oxidizers neutralize pollutants and contaminants that other technologies can’t reach. The system takes in the air that then goes through five layers of filtration.

The system’s ability to keep high-touch surfaces — tables, chairs, doorknobs, and the like — constantly germ-free is something that Aqualite executives see as a selling point for schools. Several of them noted the way kids are apt to touch anything in their way makes it ideal in a school environment.

The Guardian Angel system purifies air in spaces up to 1,000 square feet and uses True HEPA filtration.

Toly Chea, COO (Aqualite US) explaining the Air Purifier Filtration Process - photo by - Julia Malakie (The Lowell Sun)

In a cool but comfortable conference room, a Beyond Guardian system is mounted on the wall at one end of the room and a Guardian Angel system sits on an end table at the other end.

Chief Operating Officer Toly Chea walks through a presentation showing what Beyond Guardian can accomplish in a few short hours.

A non-mathematician might head for Google to understand what degree of purification the company has achieved. For example, one of Chea’s charts displays a test result of this technology in an FDA compliant lab, with a 6-log reduction in MRSA viruses. That means that in 60 minutes, the virus presence is 1,000,000 times smaller than it was at the start.

With virus-killing abilities like that, it’s little wonder that demand for the product is growing. And the company is keeping up with the demand.

Bridget Bell, Director of Sales (Aqualite US) Showing Surface Contamination Reduction - photo by - Julia Malakie (The Lowell Sun)

“We have 200 units in our warehouse now. They’ll be gone by the end of the day. We have 500 more coming in,” Chea said.” That will probably be gone by the end of the week,” he says calmly.

Bell talks about how quickly the company can turn around orders, recalling that a request for 1,000 units came in on a Monday and was completed by Friday.

The company uses Aerus in Virginia for manufacturing.

“They complement our brand,” Marketing Director Beth Hildreth said.

Bridget Bell, Director of Sales (Aqualite US) - photo by - Julia Malakie (The Lowell Sun)

Aqualite does a lot of work in Greater Lowell. In some cases, it donates its products and services. For example, it has donated products and services to the Greater Lowell YMCA and the Lowell Transitional Living Center.

Whether installing products at Bishop Guertin High School in Nashua or entire municipal offices and facilities, “we go on-site and our customers appreciate it,” Hildreth said.

Chea said Aqualite provides detailed assessments for each customer. He also stresses that the company provides a high degree of customer access.

However high the demand gets, though, the company’s founder insists “We’re an American company.”

Mesquita intends to make sure his adopted country remains the focus of his business.

“We want to sell something. That’s wellness.”

And he wants to sell it here, or, in some cases, give it away.

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