California Wildfires Continue To Grow Scorching Forests & Diminishing Air Quality

From Southern California to Northern Washington communities are facing the severity of wildfires and dangerous air pollution.

Aqualite USSep 30, 2020

From Southern California to Northern Washington communities are facing the increasing severity of the current wildfire conditions. In California “The Glass Fire,” alone has so far burned over 48,000 acres of land and forced the evacuation of over 68,000 residents. These massive blazes are resulting in an environmental disaster in both scorching the land and polluting the air.  

As residents continue to evacuate and seek safety they’re also faced with the dangers of toxic air quality. Across the West Coast the smoke and ash released into the atmosphere has exponentially increased pollution levels. In some affected areas like Redding, CA the Air Quality Index has risen to nearly 200, a far-cry from the usual 20-30 reading.

Smoke & Pollution Over San Francisco (Getty Images 9-29-2020)

In a recent public statement featured in WBUR, Bonnie Holmes-Gen, from the research division of the California Air Resources board; provided residents recommendations and insights on how to combat wildfire smoke. According to Holmes-Gen the concentration of this pollution can prove to be “very dangerous” to our health.

Therefore, Holmes-Gen recommends closing off your home’s points of egress and using high-efficiency air filtration to reduce one’s exposure to hazardous air particles. Holmes-Gen says individuals such as children and seniors are at the greatest health risk from this pollution. For families living in areas affected by the smoke, Holmes-Gen also recommends frequently monitoring the air quality in the surrounding area via  

In recent weeks many residents have looked at purchasing air purifier systems as a source of protection. In cities such as San Francisco air purifiers quickly flew off shelves at local stores and online products continue to enter into backorder. However, at Aqualite US as part our commitment to communities across the nation we are ready to support individuals affect by the wildfires.  

We consistently have ample inventory of our NASA grade air purifiers which can reduce up to 99.99% of contaminants/pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. We are here to help!  If you or your loved ones have been affected by the wildfires – please reach out! We are always here to support our communities with safe air purifier wellness solutions.

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