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Belmont Manor Partners with Aqualite To Provide the Ultimate Air Purification Protection

Premier Assisted Living Facility goes Excels at Keeping Patients, Staff and Visitors Safe and Healthy!

Belmont Manor Partners with Aqualite To Provide the Ultimate Air Purification Protection

Premier Assisted Living Facility goes Excels at Keeping Patients, Staff and Visitors Safe and Healthy!

Beth Hildreth

Aqualite US


Since the onset of pandemic, the Aqualite team has focused our efforts on supporting the safety of healthcare & assisted living facilities in the communities we serve. Throughout the progression of the pandemic, numerous assisted living facilities have worked to implement new preventative measures. Nationwide many facilities have been hit hard with COVID cases. Now many facilities are making key structural changes to prepare for an expected third surge of the disease.  

Facilities have implemented increased testing, promoted mask use and changed clinical practices in an effort to protect older Americans who are at higher risk of complications from the coronavirus. Air purification systems are a key component of a comprehensive PPE plan to reduce risk in health care facilities and Aqualite US has been working closely medical and assisted living facilities across the country to provide them with much needed air purification protection.

At Aqualite we are committed to providing air purification solutions that contain the spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs both in air and on surfaces while minimizing the impact on facility operations. We were happy to help when one of Massachusetts's premier assisted living facilities, Belmont Manor when they contacted us for a facilities assessment during the summer.

Main Family Room - Belmont Manor

They connected with one of our knowledgeable product specialists, Khristin who has prior skilled experience working in nursing facilities. Khristin was the perfect specialist to help Belmont Manor who had remained COVID free, find the best air purification solution to ensure the continued protection of patients, families and staff.

After gaining an understanding of the facility spaces and demands, Kristin was able to provide a custom recommendation to implement the systems. Shortly after Belmont placed their order and installed the systems our air purifiers began purifying and sanitizing the air in the Belmont Manor facilities immediately to remove up to 99.98% of airborne viruses as small as 0.1 micron making all areas safe and healthy.

Beyond Guardian Air Purifier Inside Belmont Manor Corridor

Stewart Karger, Belmont Manor Administrator told us "After extensively researching air purifiers Aqualite's Angel and Beyond are the best we've found and one of many things we are doing to keep our facilities, staff, and patients "COVID-19 free!" Your products are a welcome addition to our checklist of precautions to remain safe."

Guardian Angel Air Purifier Inside Belmont Manor Family Room

By the end of September, Khristin assisted Belmont Manor with additional air systems and personally delivered the systems to ensure the facility received on-time delivery. Khristin and our team are incredibly thankful to have worked with Karger to provide Belmont Manor with air the best in air purifier protection.

Stewart & Khristin Taking Delivery of 3rd Order At Belmont Manor

During these challenging and uncertain times, Aqualite is committed to continuing to serve our customers and communities. Now more than ever clean air and water are vital to good health!

Connect with our team today to find out how Aqualite can help your medical facility, business or home stay safe! Call us at 1.866.444.1050 or email us at Learn more about Belmont Manor's services at

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