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Aqualite US Partners With Local Restaurant Chain To Help Improve The Safety Of Indoor Dining

Great NH Restaurants (Cactus Jacks, T-Bones, & Copper Door) Install Our NASA Grade, COVID-19 Eliminating Air Purifiers

Beth Hildreth & Tom Boucher

Great NH Restaurants


Since the onset of the pandemic, restaurants have struggled the most with the constantly changing demands of CDC & local COVID protection guidelines. From the initial take-out only measures to outdoor dining and eventually indoor service, restaurant owners continue to pivot their operational strategies. Now as colder weather approaches, restaurants are seeking for solutions to help protect their staff and customers as all dining heads indoors.

For the Great NH Restaurants’ CEO, Tom Boucher; the solution to safe indoor dining was pairing Aqualite’s advanced air purification systems together with heightened PPE safety measures.  For Boucher, the combination of our unique NASA Certified Air Technology along with our ‘high touch’ local customer service made the decision easy. At Boucher’s restaurants (Cactus Jacks, T-Bones, & The Copper Door) our real-time air and surface protection has helped to reassure and provide additional safety to both his customers and staff with Aqualite's Beyond Guardian systems.

Copper Door Restaurant - Bedford NH (Great New Hampshire Restaurants)

Read Great NH Restaurants’ Press Release below to see the measures Boucher and his team are taking to protect their community:

T-BONES, CJ’s & Copper Door restaurants are now all fully equipped with state of the art, NASA grade air purification systems as an additional step to further protect guests from airborne and surface viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

“With the outdoor dining season coming to a close and some guests still being cautious of indoor dining, we wanted to provide an abundance of precautionary measures to ensure the safest environment for our many loyal guests,” says Tom Boucher, CEO of Great NH Restaurants. The restaurant group has put dozens of additional safety protocols into place since the beginning of the pandemic.  

Dining Room of Copper Door Restaurant - Bedford NH (Great New Hampshire Restaurants)

In addition, they commissioned Saint Anselm College Survey Center to conduct a poll to give a true idea of consumer attitudes about dining during the COVID pandemic; to ensure that practices and precautions being taken were aligned with consumers' expectations for safe and comfortable dining experiences.

The results motivated the company to seek out Aqualite's Beyond Guardian state-of-the-art air purification systems. After much research, Great NH Restaurants overwhelmingly chose Aqualite US and has since installed a system in every location, including their administrative office.

Beyond Guardian Air Purifier Providing Air & Surface Protection Inside Copper Door Restaurant - Bedford NH

The Aqualite US ActivePure® air cleaning technology is proven to safely remove 99.97% of airborne viruses as small as 0.1 microns, including COVID-19.

“Our primary goal at Great NH Restaurants has always been to deliver a great dining experience and peerless value to our customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has added an unexpected element to how we operate, but by continually listening and adjusting, we are determined to provide our customers the safest dining experience possible,” states Tom Boucher, CEO at Great NH Restaurants.”

Find out how Aqualite’s air purification systems can help your business stay safe and thrive during the fall and winter months at Connect with our team of knowledge specialists today at 1.866.444.1050 or email!

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