AK9C Partners with Aqualite To Provide The Best Air Purification Protection

Premier Dog Training and Boarding Facility is "Heads and Tails" Above in keeping Students, Staff and Visitors Safe!

Since the onset of pandemic, the Aqualite team has focused our efforts on supporting the safety of businesses and schools in the communities we serve. We are committed to providing air purification solutions that contain the spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs both in air and on surfaces while minimizing the impact on facility operations. Aqualite was happy to help when one of New England’s premier pet boarding and daycare facilities, American K9 Country (AK9C) in Amherst, NH reached out for a facilities air assessment.

American K9 Country Training Center

Amber McCune, the General Manager at AK9C is a national champion agility trainer whose dogs, Notch and Kaboom, have won titles and adoring fans at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, The Masters Agility Championship at Westminster, and more. Besides managing all the ins and outs of the vast facility, Amber teaches dog agility classes & private lessons, always on the go! 

Amber McCune of AK9C with Border Collies Notch (Right) & Kaboom (Left)

When the pandemic first hit the country hard in March 2020, American K9 Country was extremely committed to stay open continuing to provide essential animal care services for their local community. They went above and beyond to help pets and clients, especially our front-line workers stay healthy and happy. Amber and staff took extraordinary steps to make sure they were there for both clients and pets - even going out to buy special supplies for pets whose owners were stranded at home or abroad.

As the months wore on American K9 Country has worked tirelessly to keep pet guests, customers and staff safe and operations running at normal levels. AK9C is cleaned and sanitized daily as part of normal daily business operations and took extra operational steps to ensure that people and pets could continue to enjoy the benefits of the facility. One big additional step was to purchase Aqualite's Beyond Air Purification systems which enabled AK9C’s Training areas to be even safer during classes and competitive events. Air purification systems are a key component of a comprehensive PPE plan to reduce illness risk.  

Amber connected with our Marketing Director, Beth who also trains and competes at AK9C.  She was the perfect specialist to help AK9C find the best air purification solution to ensure the continued protection of families, pets and staff. Amber was thrilled to find out that the Guardian air system was very safe for pets and even helps reduce allergens in the air!

Shortly after Amber placed her order our air purifiers arrived and began purifying and sanitizing the air in the AK9C facilities immediately removing up to 99.98% of airborne viruses as small as 0.1 microns making all areas safe and healthy both in the air and on surfaces.  The response from clients was overwhelming as many are grateful to have the additional protection allowing them to train and compete during the upcoming cold weather.

Amber told us "Now that we have air purifiers with NASA Technology from Aqualite we are thrilled to continue to keep everyone in our facility safe!"

Beyond Guardian Air Purifier Protection AK9C Facilities

During these challenging times, Aqualite is committed to continuing to serve our customers and communities. Now more than ever clean air and water are vital to good health!

Connect with our team today to find out how Aqualite can help your business, school or home stay safe! Call us at 1.866.444.1050 or email us at contact@aqualiteus.com. Learn more about AK9C’s daycare, boarding, training, grooming and retail services at americank9country.com.

American K9 Country "K9 Cafe" & "K9 Country Store"

About American K9 Country:

AK9C is the premier pet boarding and Daycare facility in the NE and home to numerous Dog Agility, Obedience, Rally and Dock Diving training and weekend competitions. American K9 Country is the LARGEST an all-inclusive pet care facility in the entire North East, boasting a facility that is over 27,000 sq. feet.They are dedicated to offering only the best in specialized dog training, grooming, boarding & daycare services as well as educational seminars for the professional and non-professional dog owner. They were built on the simple philosophy “to offer the same care to your pets as we would our very own.”

AK9C Trainee Border Collie, Notch

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