AISNE's Executive Director Claire Leheny Chats with Aqualite US team

AISNE chats with Aqualite to discuss how we are helping schools reopen safely.

Aqualite US recently was featured in the  Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE)  Resource Spotlight.  AISNE's Executive Director Claire Leheny sat down to chat with Aqualite a key resource provider of air purification system to schools and businesses to learn about their offerings and discuss how they are helping schools reopen safely.

Watch Claire's AISNE chat with Toly Chea, Aqualite's Chief Operating Officer, Bridget Bell, Director of Sales Marketing and Beth Hildreth, Director of Digital Marketing.

With 200 member schools, AISNE is one of the largest regional associations in the country and represents a diverse range of schools in terms of size, pedagogy, religious affiliation, and, of course, mission. They serve schools by providing strategic information, accreditation, advocacy and a wide range of professional development opportunities.

Aqualite provides safe and healthy air purification solutions to protect your students, staff and visitors from viruses and other contaminants.

Aqualite has been working closely with our local schools to help them reopen safely and securely during these challenging times.  Our unique air purifiers with NASA Technology begin purifying and sanitizing the air in your school, home or business immediately to remove up to 99.99% of airborne viruses as small as 0.1 micron making your areas safe and healthy.

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