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Aqualite has provided water filtration and treatment solutions to homes throughout New England since 1991.

Providing Water Treatment Solutions, For Over 30 Years

We are New England’s trusted experts in whole-home water treatment services. We’re family-owned and operated, with over three decades of experience. Aqualite US is a leader in providing quality service for a wide range of water needs, including on-site water testing, water treatment, and existing system maintenance and repair.

Free Residential Water Testing & Well-Water Testing

We strive to improve the water quality in your home through on-site testing. Our specialists will perform the testing in the comfort of your own home and go over the results with you. Once we have the baseline understanding of your water problems, we can recommend the proper treatment solution that meets your unique water quality needs.

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Whole-Home Water Softener & Treatment System Installation

Aqualite provides Puronics® whole-home water softener, purification, and conditioning systems. Packed with advanced and patent technologies from Puronics®, these systems can provide cleaner, softer, and safer water for your entire home and family.

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Top 6 Benefits of Improved Water Quality

Always Enjoy Clean & Pure Drinking Water

Reduce, Save On Soaps, Lotions, & Detergents

Reduce Potential Plumbing Problems

Increase Appliance Longevity

Have Healthier, Smoother Skin & Hair

Reduce Water Rust & Limescale Buildup

Goodbye Contaminants.
Hello Clean Water.

Water quality varies from home to home. Water treatment for one home may not be suitable for another. Water filtration and treatment systems for your home help ensure the water you drink, bathe or cook with is clean and safe for you and your family. See our water filtration and treatment solutions.

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Commercial Water Quality Solutions For Any Business

Aqualite offers a wide range of products to meet any commercial water treatment needs across various industries. We understand commercial businesses' unique water treatment needs and offer water filtration systems specifically engineered for commercial use.

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Existing Water Treatment System Servicing, Repair, & Maintenance

To keep your water flowing purely, it is important to perform regular preventive maintenance on your equipment by hiring a professional. Water treatment service helps extend the life of your system and prevent any major issues from happening in the future. We’re here to help you maintain your system and keep your water clean!

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Want To Know What's
In Your Water?

Schedule Your Free In-Home Water Test Today

Whether you have a private well or city water, having the assurance that your water is clean and safe is priceless. That’s why Aqualite offers free water testing and provides custom water solutions to meet your water quality needs.

Puronics Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis

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Puronics Whole-Home Water Softener Systems

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ActivePure® & HEPA Portable Air Purifiers

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Providing High-Quality
Service Since 1991

Aqualite US is a family-owned business and operated by the Mesquita family. We are proud to provide quality, dependable water filtration, and water purification services. Our team of technicians and installers are knowledgeable, friendly and are here to provide the best solutions for you.

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